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For Brands

Reduce your time-to-market with products that reduce brand risk and increase revenue

  • Iterate faster on materials and technologies
  • Reduce decision timelines (10 months to 10 days)
  • Use actionable data-driven insights
  • Prioritize supply chain engagement
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For Manufacturers

Reduce your time-to-market with new products that meet complex market demands and have lower manufacturing costs

  • Iterate 100x faster at early stages of R&D
  • Reduce experimentation
  • Prioritize projects with deep data
  • Speed up customer decision making
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For Consultants

Meet innovation requirements of your manufacturing customers faster

  • Help your customers implement digital solution
  • Drive customer business process transformation
  • Deliver data-driven insights to support customer innovation
  • Deliver more in significantly less time
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Why use

SustAnalyze data-driven simulation platform

Improve Success Rate

Analyze R&D alternatives with data and analytics. Collaborate with other divisions and customers. Reduce experimentation and design for success

boost brand value

Less toxic products. Safer and Sustainable supply chains. Stay ahead of competition


Support customer decision making. Innovate across the value chain. Boost growth with novel products

Future proof

Grow with technological and system transitions. Develop into Digital Innovation era. Effectively meet consumer and societal challenges


Reduce decision time and improve quality. Seamlessly consider multiple scenarios. Driven by large data sets and collaboration


Access to the highest quality data, access to the highest quality data, analytics and knowledge from the value chain analytics and knowledge from the value chain