Core Team

Akshay Patel – Co founder and CEO

Akshay has recently completed his PhD from Utrecht University on Sustainability assessment for the development of bio-based production processes for fuels and chemicals production. During his research he realized that to speed-up development of green chemical processes it is important to connect technical development with wider system analysis at an early-stage in R&D. The early-stage assessment methodology used by Sustanalyze is an outcome from his PhD research. Akshay has extensive experience assessment of chemicals processes based on high quality data and scientific methods. He did his bachelor from the University Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India and completed his MS from Iowa State University in the US. The challenge of turning his research into widely used offerings and having a positive impact on this world motivates him.

Deboprio Ghosh – Co founder and CTO

Deboprio is a Technology entrepreneur with multiple years of experience in product development, product management, product marketing and deep expertise in developing and deploying algorithm driven enterprise applications for several small, medium and large scale enterprises. In the past he has designed and deployed several enterprise technologies including Large-scale e-commerce systems, distributed retail software technologies and enterprise server monitoring and automation systems. At SustAnalyze Deboprio is majorly responsible for the product management and all the associated technology for Cloud as well as On-Premise deployments. With multiple years of experience in starting and scaling up operations Deboprio also works on the  Business strategy, Technology and Product Roadmaps. He is excited about the opportunity that SustAnalyze presents in applying technology driven mathematical modelling for analyzing Chemical Process for sustainability and strongly believes that SustAnalyze is in a very unique position to make a big positive impact towards making chemical process more sustainable and smart world-wide.

Prof. Martin Patel – Co founder and CSO

Martin is the the Chief Scientific Officer at SustAnalyze. He has extensive experience in sustainability assessment in general and analysis of chemical processes in particular. He is professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he has a chair on Energy Efficiency since September 2013. From 2001 until 2013 he was first assistant professor and later on associate professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, where he was co-ordinating a research cluster on advanced material and energy systems. Based on his experience from multiple projects conducted in the past ten years (in collaboration with companies and research groups) he has learnt that quick and iterative supply of targeted information, especially at early stage of process development, is essential to ensure that sustainable processes are developed and implemented. The tools being developed by Sustanalyze address this urgent need.

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  • About SustAnalyze

    We empower brand owners and materials manufacturers to accelerate innovation and transform supply chains for chemicals/materials that will be profitable, safer and sustainable. This acceleration is driven by our advanced technology platform (data collection, predictive- simulation, collaboration) that delivers high quality and uniquely public and proprietary data based multi-perspective decision support.

    By accelerating materials- and process innovation using unique technology, we improve financial performance, reduce environmental impact and brand risk for materials manufacturers and brand owners.

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