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Why SustAnalyze makes business sense? GreenWorld case study

About GreenWorld Chemicals: GreenWorld chemicals* is an innovative chemical company who produces a portfolio of chemicals and has an R&D team with 25 research chemists/engineers. GreenWorld strives to produce and market more sustainable chemicals for a better planet.

About SustAnalyze

SustAnalyze is a provider of data-driven software and associated services (data and consulting) that speeds up the development of sustainable chemicals. SustAnalyze software is powered by a well-researched and constantly evolving scientific methodology to evaluate chemical processes at an early stage.

The Problem:GreenWorld chemical recognized the need to achieve greater returns on every R&D dollar that it spent on developing and evaluating chemical process and product ideas.

Solution: By adopting SustAnalyze offerings GreenWorld managed to significantly reduce their process evaluation timeline which directly reduced their process evaluation costs.

Why did it make sense for GreenWorld to use SustAnalyze?

    • Depending on the experience level traditionally it took 1GreenWorld R&D researcher, supported by a team of data analysts, upto 1 year to evaluate the commercial and environmental feasibility of a chemical process idea and to take a stop or go decision.
    • Including laboratory expenses and multiple personnel from different departments the costs ran upto around 110000 EUR per process.
    • This timeline and costs left very less room for idea iteration and improvement potential as it would escalate the costs further.
    • For the 25 member research team at GreenWorld this situation represented an R&D investment of 2.7 million EUR per year.

GreenWorld decided to use the On-Premise solution of SustAnalyze for small organizations which comes at a yearly cost of 27500 EUR per year with aone time implementation charge of 10000 EUR.

  • Now by using SustAnalyze software the timeline to evaluate one process was reduced to about 0.5 – 2 months from an earlier 1 year.
  • This helped the research team to run iteration loops in a short time-span to figure out the optimal pathway using the automated analytical reports generated through the SustAnalyze software.
  • Each researcher was also able to easily dig-up past ideas and data generated within GreenWorld that were captured within the SustAnalyze system. The research team was able to quickly evaluate (compare) new ideas with past ones
  • This led to an atleast 5-6 times increase in R&D productivity at GreenWorldalongwith corresponding cost reductions.
  • The yearly cost of SustAnalyze application represented less than 1% of the annual R&D investment for GreenWorld and it provides continuous returns (productivity increase and cost savings) for which the maximum extent is only the ingenuity of its research team.
  • To deliver this value to GreenWorld, SustAnalyze relied on its innovative early-stage analysis approach that speeds up the generation of actionable intelligence and red flags for R&D decision making.
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