A data support service that is designed to meet the high quality and accurate data requirements of R&D team for their process and product evaluation.A refined approach ensures that R&D teams get the right data for their decision making at an affordable price in the shortest possible time.

SustAnalyze data services

We understand that you will need high quality data from time to time for your analysis. You can always count on our experienced team of data analysts and consultants to provide you with the most reliable data based on your requirements. Our unique approach ensures that you get right data for your decision making at an affordable price.

The types of data typically provided by our team are listed below. Feel free to contact us for other types of data requirements for your assessment needs:

Data type
Chemical data
 Identifier data
 Physiochemical properties
 Economic data (Chemical price)
 LCA environmental
 EHS hazard data
Process data
 Mass balance data
 Auxiliary process info (e.g. catalysts, regulations, patents)

Data update policy: Our team of data analysts engages in data validation and updates at regular intervals. The updates for data purchased by you are included in the one-time price that you pay for the data.

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  • About SustAnalyze

    We empower brand owners and materials manufacturers to accelerate innovation and transform supply chains for chemicals/materials that will be profitable, safer and sustainable. This acceleration is driven by our advanced technology platform (data collection, predictive- simulation, collaboration) that delivers high quality and uniquely public and proprietary data based multi-perspective decision support.

    By accelerating materials- and process innovation using unique technology, we improve financial performance, reduce environmental impact and brand risk for materials manufacturers and brand owners.

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