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About SustAnalyze:SustAnalyze is a provider of data-driven software and associated services (data and consulting) that speeds up the development of sustainable chemicals. SustAnalyze software is powered by a well-researched and constantly evolving scientific methodology to evaluate chemical processes at an early stage.

Assessment methodology:

The challenge of chemical sustainability guided the devlopment of the 5-pillar methodology used by SustAnalyze for quick early-stage assessment of chemical processes at the laboratory stage. SustAnalyze solutions are weaved around this methodological approach. The methodology1 and its applications2,3 have been reported in leading scientific journals. The figure below provides a snapshot of the approach.

The methodology enables review of chemical process ideas within a broader sustainability context. It is inspired by green chemistry principles, techno-economic analysis, EHS assessment, some elements of environmental life-cycle assessment (LCA) and strategic business risks. This method evaluates a proposed chemical process against an existing processes leading to comparable products. To this end a multi-criteria approach is used that integrates various sustainability indicators. The indicators considered are economic constraint, processing cost and environmental impacts, process hazards and external risks. An effort has been made to incorporate quantitative and qualitative information about the processes while making the method transparent and easy to implement based on information available at an early stage in process development. The idea is to provide a data-based assessment tool for chemists and engineers to develop sustainable chemical processes and thereby driving sustainable innovation. The method also serves to compare various process options based on early-stage information. It has been applied within the CatchBio program in the Netherlands which focuses on development of catalytic routes for production of fuels and chemicals from biobased resources. The method has been applied so far to about 20 different processes in order to study the plausibility of the method and further refinement. These are available as case studies through the SustAnalyze system. The methodology is being continuously refined and additional indicators are being included through research.


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