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Market demand for products made with chemicals/materials that deliver functional value while being safer and sustainable is rising. Meeting this market demand today takes a long time due to the increasing complexity that is involved in bringing products to market. This also means the failure rate with new developments is extremely high (50-85%) as reported by McKinsey. The key question is how to reduce the time-to-market to meet this demand in a manner that leads to higher revenue, lower brand risk and lower manufacturing costs.

SustAnalyze data-driven integrated simulation platform will reduce your time-to-market for products that meet new complex market demands

McKinsey (2013) reports that the time to commercialization varies from about 2-19 years. We have helped customers to reduce these timelines while improving financial performance and brand value.

This business value is delivered by:
  • Integrated and advanced decision support at early stages of materials selection and R&D
  • Reducing iteration time from 10 months to 10 days for profitable, safer and sustainable materials
  • Support for supply chain transformation and market chain intelligence

Key features of SustAnalyze value delivery
  • Value delivered using channels convenient to you: Software platform, Data, Reports service
  • Simulation using unique public and proprietary data collection and curation systems
  • Analytics powered by advanced scientific algorithms based on our PhD research on the topic
Powering New Developments

  • Iterate and decide faster with smart data
  • Reduce experimentation and channel resources effectively
  • Get started quickly with customer success program
Powering Supply chain transformation

  • Smartly engage supply chain with deep insights
  • Decide Yes/No faster with understanding of ‘Why’
  • Support and speed up customer decision making
Let’s discuss how you can solve your toughest chemical/material and manufacturing process innovation problems with SustAnalyze