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SustAnalyze contribution to green chemistry and a sustainable world

About GreenWorld Chemicals:GreenWorld chemicals* is an innovative chemical company based out of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is a leading producer of three bulk petrochemicals. The chemicals marketed by GreenWorld are produced from fossil resources that are finite in nature and result in significant amount of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. GreenWorld has an R&D team with 25 research chemists/engineers who are engaged in making their products and production processes more efficient and sustainable.

About SustAnalyze:SustAnalyze is the provider data-driven software and associated services (data and consulting) that speeds up the development of sustainable chemicals. SustAnalyze software is powered by a well-researched and constantly evolving scientific methodology to evaluate chemical processes at an early stage.

Problem SustAnalyze solutions
GreenWorld wanted to stay ahead of the curve and become a more sustainable enterprise compared to its competitors by adapting (innovating) its portfolio of chemical products and production processes. SustAnalyze significantly speeded up innovation at GreenWorld by empowering their researchers to evaluate of a multitude of process and product ideas (routes) in a short timeline. With SustAnalyze their researchers were able to explore a large number of  feedstock-technology-product combinations.
The innovation potential at GreenWorld was constrained by the finite economic resources available for R&D which limited the number of product and process ideas (routes) that they could evaluate. SustAnalyze solutions significantly compressed the timeline for evaluation of a process route and thereby allowed GreenWorld to evaluate multiple routes within same budget. This meant greater R&D productivity without any cost escalation.
GreenWorld was looking at ways to run multiple process iterations to figure out the optimal and more sustainable pathways.   GreenWorld researchers used SustAnalyze software to experiment with different chemicals and reaction routes and quickly measure their sustainability (economic feasibility, hazards and environmental impacts) with automated graphical reports with actionable insights.

GreenWorld and SustAnalyze impact*

Partnering with SustAnalyzeGreenWorld was able to find a new biobased route for a chemical that it produced. This route utilized lignocellulosic (waste) biomass as a feedstock and thereby did not cause any land use changes. The conversion route reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions that were associated with this chemical and was also less hazardous from an EHS perspective. After discovery, this route went quickly through the development and commercialization stages and GreenWorld was able to retrofit its existing production facility to produce this chemical. This route thus turned out to be economically viable as well more eco-friendly and sustainable. This change at GreenWorld meant that a sustainable bulk chemical entered the world chemical market and resulted in greening of a number of other products that originated from this chemical.

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