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How “GreenWorld Chemicals” multiplied R&D productivity using SustAnalyze ?

About GreenWorld Chemicals:GreenWorld chemicals* is an innovative chemical company based out of Rotterdam, the Netherlands who produces a portfolio of chemicals and has an R&D team with 25 research chemists/engineers.

About SustAnalyze:SustAnalyze is a provider of data-driven software and associated services (data and consulting) that speeds up the development of sustainable chemicals. SustAnalyze software is powered by a well-researched and constantly evolving scientific methodology to evaluate chemical processes at an early stage.

The Problem:GreenWorld chemical wanted to increase its return on R&D investment by speeding up the evaluation of new process concepts geared towards production of sustainable chemicals.

How SustAnalyze helped?

Depending on the experience level traditionally it took a GreenWorld R&D researcher upto 1 year to evaluate the commercial and environmental feasibility of a chemical process idea and to take a stop or go decision.

Now, by using SustAnalyze software this researcher was able to reduce this timeline to about 5-30 days from an earlier 1 year. This helped him run multiple iteration loops in a short time-span to figure out the optimal pathway.

He was also able to easily dig-up past ideas and data generated within GreenWorld that were captured within the SustAnalyze system. He efficiently built upon past experience at GreenWorld and quickly evaluated (compared) his present ideas with the past ones.

This helped him significantly increase his productivity while developing ideas, as now he was able to evaluate 7-8 processes/ year instead of the earlier 1-2 processes/year


  1. SustAnalyze helped GreenWorld chemicals reduce its process evaluation timeline from 1 year to about 30 days
  2. GreenWorld significantly increased the productivity of their R&D investments
  3. GreenWorld enhanced their ability to achieve their vision of developing greener chemicals for a sustainable world

Salient features of SustAnalyze

– A scientific methodology to evaluate sustainability at an early-stage

– Knowledge bank of process and product ideas for your organization

– High quality data and sustainability consulting support

– Optimize your R&D investment by enhancing researcher productivity

How “GreenWorld Chemicals” multiplied R&D productivity using SustAnalyze Download