SustAnalyze EarlySim education module

Updated on: Nov 27, 2016
The aim of EarlySim education module is to speed up the development of profitable and sustainable chemical processes. The theory behind this module is multi-disciplinary and sits at the interface of chemistry and chemical engineering and draws on economics, health and safety, life cycle sustainability principles. This theory is explained with lecture slides, reader and case study. The practical case study aspect of this module requires access to the online software tool available at: Students can signup with their university email at: A get started document is provided in this module with more information on accessing and using the software tool. Related videos for this module can be accessed on Youtube EarlySim playlist at:

The educational module is designed for instructors (in chemical engineering and chemistry) for incorporation in courses and students (third/fourth year undergraduate and first year masters chemical engineering and chemistry students) for self-study. The instruction duration of this module is 2 hours for theory and 4-6 hours for case study workshops.

Note from authors: With the goal to speed up the development of sustainable, safer and profitable chemicals we aim to continuously update this module. This is only possible with your active contribution. Please write to with your comments and suggestions for improvements.

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