Software Benefits

Key Benefits

1. Analyze chemical process and product ideas at an early stage in R&D with a scientific assessment methodology
2. Speed up chemical innovation while incorporating economic, environmental and EHS hazard analysis
3. Integrate sustainability in day-to-day R&D decision making
4. Quickly generate advanced output reports with rich analytics
5. Prioritize chemical processes, products and R&D resource allocation based on quantitative and objective data based analysis
6. Iterate process and product configurations faster to make the most optimal use of your ingenious human talent
7. Quickly access all the past process and product ideas generated within your organization over the years
8. Optimize your R&D investment by enhancing researcher producitivity
9. Ensure effective and ongoing collaboration (e.g. chemists and EHS experts) between different departments
10. Harmonize data collected and used for analysis across the organization

resource investment

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  • About SustAnalyze

    We empower brand owners and materials manufacturers to accelerate innovation and transform supply chains for chemicals/materials that will be profitable, safer and sustainable. This acceleration is driven by our advanced technology platform (data collection, predictive- simulation, collaboration) that delivers high quality and uniquely public and proprietary data based multi-perspective decision support.

    By accelerating materials- and process innovation using unique technology, we improve financial performance, reduce environmental impact and brand risk for materials manufacturers and brand owners.

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